Here’s Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side!

Sleep On Your Left Side

Everyone will agree when we say that, sleeping is essentially the most important activity we carry out in the day. A sound sleep in the night will ensure that we are our more productive selves the next morning. But, did you know that if you sleep on your left side it’s more beneficial to you than any other position?

Seven Reasons To Sleep On Your Left Side

1. Improves Digestion

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Your stomach is probably the tensest organ in the body, as it holds the key to proper digestion. An improper digestive schedule can mess up a perfectly normal day and leave anyone bereaved. To ensure you have a healthy digestive tract, it is advised that one must sleep on your left side in the night.

The reason being, the stomach, and pancreas can carry out their digestive processes, as they are situated on the left side of our bodies. Besides which, it also allows free movement of the food waste from the large intestine to the colon. Thus, facilitating normal bowel movement.

2. Beneficial for the Heart

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This is perhaps the most important reason why you should sleep on your left. If you have long-standing heart conditions and the ones who are at risk of acquiring heart-related diseases, then sleep on your left side.

They are asked to do so for the simple reason that our heart is situated on the left side of the chest cavity and sleeping on our left will put little or no pressure on the heart as it carries out its blood-pumping activities.

3. Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

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Pregnant women have often been advised to sleep on their left and to avoid sleeping on their back or stomach. As their uterus is growing continuously, sleeping in the right posture is essential for optimum blood flow to the fetus.

By lying on her left side, she puts the least pressure on the inferior vena cava, the blood vessel responsible for transporting blood to the uterus and the lower parts of her body. Sleeping on her left will also put a little pressure on the liver, thus decreasing the chances of her getting gestational diabetes.

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4. Helps Relieve Back-Pain

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For people with backaches and spine-related health issues, it is best to sleep on their left side. There is still debate on the validity of this theory but patrons with chronic back problems who have tried doing this have reiterated that sleeping on their left helped them relieve back pain to a considerable extent.

5. Reduces Heartburn

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As mentioned earlier, sleeping on your left ensures that there is not much pressure you are putting on your heart and stomach. This ensures that you do not have acid reflux as your stomach is freely functioning. Less acid reflux results in less or no heartburn. And so, sleeping on your left for 10-15 minutes is one of the most effective solutions to combating heartburn.

6. Increases Lymphatic System Efficiency

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The left side of your body is the dominant lymphatic side. Sleeping on that side will only facilitate the efficiency in the working of the lymph nodes and process food a lot more effectively. Thus, discharging food wastes and absorbing nutrients to their full capacity.

7. Helps De-Stress

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Apart from ensuring that a lot of your vital organs function to their optimum, sleeping on your left side can also help you rest better. It is observed that sleeping on your left will ensure a healthy blood flow to the body and the brain. Thus, ensuring a good night’s rest. Sleeping to one’s content will automatically ensure a decreased stress level.

Having said all this, it is difficult to sleep in one position all night especially if you do not want to wake up with a sore left side and a stiff neck. The best way to try and sleep optimally is to try to fall asleep on your side. And make the shift to your left, should you wake up in the middle of the night. If you make the change gradually, you can grow into it as a habit.

Happy sleeping to you!