Our skins are one of the hardest working organs on our bodies. They’re our primary protection against the general dangers of the outside world, whether it’s burns, viruses or anything else really that comes to mind. Our skin works very hard to take care of the rest of the body, so the best thing we could do to repay the favor is to make sure the skin is also properly taken care of.

But how does one do this? Well, basic hygiene is a good place to start, making sure that at least the skin is clean. You can also try cleansing for a deeper clean, in case you need to wipe away all the gunk and dirt that hides away in the pores

Many tend to forget that appearance is also part of healthy skin. We all want to see tangible improvements in our skin quality as it gives us something satisfying to look forward to when we look in the mirror And treatments that give skin that healthy look, like Juvederm and other dermal fillers, Microneedling and of course, the big daddy of anti-aging treatments, Botox NYC and other major metropolitan areas’ favorite way to fight wrinkles.

So what are these treatments and how do they smooth out your skin?

Chemical Waxing

Skin gets naturally damaged as time goes on. Older skin cells are weaker and tend to work less efficiently as new ones. And if you live in a big city like NYC, then they have their work cut out for them, since they have to work even harder to keep all that gunk from entering your body because of the big city air.

And your skin naturally loses its smoothness as skin cells get damaged. You end up having this jagged surface on skin that was otherwise smooth some time ago, with little trenches and ridges along the damaged areas

With chemical waxing, what you could do is smooth out these kinds of areas by scraping away old and weak skin cells off the skin, bringing it down to the same level as the bottom of the wrinkles. It’s pretty simple when you think about it and it is a fast and easy way to restore youth to the face.

The problem is that while it does smooth out skin in many ways, it’s not necessarily the most versatile treatment you can find.


On the other hand you have Microneedling, which is a treatment with quite a simple premise, but brings out some very amazing results. Basically, it takes advantage of our skin’s strongest ability: regeneration. It’s common knowledge really, that when skin gets damaged, it is naturally restored with fresh, new skin cells which are young and strong.

It takes advantage by poking tiny holes in a designated part of your body with, as you guessed it, microscopic needles. These needles are capable of making holes that are tiny enough not to cause any kind of serious damage or anything that’ll stay on your body, but make very tiny holes, which stimulates the skin to regenerate.

With hundreds, sometimes even thousands of these tiny holes all across the skin, the body immediately begins to reconstruct the lost skin cells with new, fresh ones. When the old skin cells are replaced by these new ones, the skin now looks naturally younger and more vibrant. There are no extra chemicals involved, no scary cuts or injections.

Just a procedure that, within a short amount of time, smooths out skin, makes it look younger and replaces old skin cells with new, much stronger ones.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an interesting treatment as well. As their name implies they are able to fill in certain areas of the face, as well as other parts of the body, which may have lost their volume. Volume is basically how tight your face is.

With the constant force of gravity, our skin begins to sag and our faces naturally begin to sag. When dermal fillers, like Juvederm, are injected into a particular area of the face, say near the cheeks, they raise the skin and tighten it around key areas, such as the chin and jaw, giving the face beautiful contours and restoring the youthful volume all in one.

With dermal fillers, the skin becomes smoother, more young and vibrant. Is there anything more you can ask for from a single treatment? Well, there may just be one that can actually pull off a lot these miracles as well.


You’ve likely ran across this name before. It’s quite widespread not only in the beauty industry, but in our modern culture in general. Being one of the most utilized compounds in the beauty industry, Botox is a juggernaut in the anti-aging fight.

It is one of the few treatments out there which is capable of smoothing out skin, restoring its vigor and youth for a very long time, its effects lasting up to half a year, which is crazy to think about. Just imagine that less than an hour out of your time could give you effects that’ll last you an entire 6 months.

And Botox looks very natural. Don’t believe what people like to say about it; it’s very hard to distinguish between a face that has and one that hasn’t been treated. Only a pair of experienced eyes could tell the difference, and this is all thanks to the advancements made in the making of the Botox compound.

So, if there is one skin smoothing treatment that has you covered in a lot of areas, it’s Botox.

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