Your dental health is a part of your overall wellbeing. Keeping your dental and gum health at the check and following the correct steps to keep them healthy is important to ensure that you don’t require any dental treatments in the future.

If you’re ever in a situation in which you need a dental procedure because of a missing tooth, there are plenty of innovative treatments that will help you avoid replacing your valuable teeth. Dental implants are one such treatment, in which your missing or decayed tooth is replaced with an artificial one.

It was not long ago when replacing a tooth meant saying hello to the replaceable denture. With the inclusion of dental implants, people can now get a permanent solution to their decayed or missing tooth.

However, dental implants can get quite expensive, especially in countries such as the US or Canada. And to make matters worse, this type of procedure is marked as “cosmetic” procedures by insurance companies, which means that insurance won’t cover dental implants.

So what’s the option for Americans and Canadians? Getting back to the dentures? No! Thankfully, there are countries like Costa Rica, that offer the same high-quality dental implant procedures at a much lower cost than in the US or Canada.

The good news is that there are Costa Rican dentists that have been trained in the US, that belong to dentistry boards in the US and that follow the same high-quality standards than US-based dentists, some of them, the good ones, even use the same materials!

How To Find The Best Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

If you are residing in Costa Rica you would know that the cost of dental implants can get up to 60% less than the cost in the US. Patients from different regions visit Costa Rica to get the best dental implants at affordable rates. It is important to choose the clinics and professional dentists that are considered the best in the industry, though, because as with any country, there are good dentists and not so good ones.

If you are on the searching where to get the best dental implants in Costa Rica, then follow our tips that will help you make the right decision.

Go For The Accredited Clinics

When searching for the best Costa Rica dental implants clinic, it is advised you always look for the accredited ones. They demonstrate their excellence with the credible name that they have bagged over the years. It doesn’t matter how much they cost if you are looking for quality treatment and care search for accredited clinics.

Experience Speaks Professionalism

It is true that many newly formed clinics provide great dental services. But it is advised not to take any chance when it comes to dental implants. Hence, before seeking service from any clinic or dentists, confirm their experience in the industry to get a clear picture of their services and professionalism.

Determine the Services Provided

When you visit a dentist or clinic, it is important to make sure of their dental implant services and the post-treatment care they provide. Determining the services is important because it helps you make the right decision regarding whether you should proceed with the treatment or not.

If you are not satisfied with the services they provide, you can take a step back and start your search again.


Dental Implants are a crucial dental treatment that requires proficiency and years of experience. You cannot just visit a freshly graduated dentist for a dental implant. Finding a dentist or clinic in Costa Rica for a dental implant can become an easy process if you follow the right tips. Stick to the above-mentioned tips when you’re searching for dental implants in Costa Rica.