Snapchat Filters In Reality - 'Desigual' New York Fashion Week 2016

Snapchat Filters

It’s no surprise that Snapchat filters are taking over the world! From the Kardasians (the queens of Snapchat filters) to our very own Sonam Kapoor, everyone seems to be enamored by it! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, boy oh boy! You must be living in another world all together!

Snapchat FiltersIs Social Media Really So Influencing?

Snapchat Filters

Social Media has in many ways taken over our personal style, as everyone wants to be in fashion, all of the time and who do we look at for inspiration? Our celebrity stars of course! Kim Kardashian’s style has been ruling the internet for quite a few years now but, with the rise of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, it’s honestly no surprise how everyone wants to be just like them.

It is honestly all about how one is portrayed by the social media. If you are not talked about, then you are no one. Stars like these have taken over the worlds of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat; bringing on a whole new trend of today!

Desigual New York Fashion Week 2016

Snapchat Filters

Desigual, a branded clothing line in Spain completely stole the first day of the New York Fashion Week 2016! How? It was quite simple and innovate (genius, really!) They incorporated the most popular modern trend into their clothing line!

As the models began to walk down the ramp, the people were as usual, blown away by the amazing prints and funky, youthful, clothing. It was only later that they realized that the models were in fact adorning Snapchat filtered inspired makeup! That’s right!

From the ever so famous dog-face, to the flower crown; these models were strutting down the ramp like they had just stepped straight out of the Snapchat app!


MAC and Desigual

Snapchat Filters

Desigual collaborated with MAC to achieve this oh-so-realistic look on six “chosen” models. These models adorned looks that included the Flower Crown, Butterfly filter, Zebra face, Bee face, Deer face and the ever so famous Dog face!

The look was created using a mixture of face paints and colored makeup, while the designs that extended out of the facial area, were put together with the help of paper embellishments.

Did Desigual Go Too Far?

Snapchat Filters

Many argue that Desigual might have taken one step to far with this move but, in my opinion it was more than perfect! This move proved that their clothing line was going for a more youthful, funky, upbeat type of style; catering to the here-and-now!

Although it may be argued that the Snapchat filter look, took over the show, rather than their clothing designs itself, I do think that it was an amazing marketing stunt played by the designers, to get their clothing line noticed and the most talked about on the Day 1 of New York Fashion Week 2016! A

Although, like every other social trend, Snapchat filters will eventually die out. But for now, Desigual has managed to catch the eye of everyone!

Apart from just standing out of the crowd and daring to be different, it also showed how much social media actually affects our choice of style in our day to day life.

(Psst!! This would also be the perfect Halloween look!!)

Let us know what you think about this look in the comments below. Did this work for you or was it just a little too over board?


  1. Indeed..! This is how social networking and apps are ruling us! Never mind! I loved the butterfly filtet in real too! Wish I could also get this makeover in real😁

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