Street Style Fashion Trends

Fashion is all about the runway, right? NO! Street style is where the real runway is. Fashion trends are tried, tested and put on display through street style. For a couple of years now, the relevance of street style fashion trends has begun setting a benchmark for fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts. We bring to you the ten street style fashion trends of 2016.

Street Style Fashion Trends of 2016:

1. Cold Shoulder


Baring the shoulders have taken over the world of fashion in the most revolutionary way imaginable. Cold shouldered dresses, clothing with interesting shoulder detailing and off-shoulder choices have ruled the ramp all year now. A denim off-shoulder dress is a wardrobe must-have from what the street style fashion trends of 2016 (summer) have taught us.


2. Athleisure


If those yoga pants have been sitting in your wardrobe for a long time now, it’s time to pull them out and put them on! Street style fashion trends of 2016, is all about taking casual clothing to elevating it in stylish fashionable ways. Printed Jogger pants and coordinating jacket and tracks are the hottest trends right now.

3. Block Heels


For them women who are wary of strapping on some killer stilts, block heels are the ones for you. This 70’s fashion trend is making a wild comeback and WOW! Women can be seen sporting block heels in all variations like sandals, pumps, and oxfords.

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4. Sneakers


If you still have not heard about those prized Adidas Superstars, you have clearly been living under a rock. Sneakers are all the rage right now for the sheer versatility it offers. They can be worn with denim, dresses, skirts, overalls and can even be used to jazz up a fusion Indo-western look.

5. Bomber Jackets


Bomber Jackets, irrespective of material, is the outerwear choice of the year. While endorsed by nearly everyone who swears by street style fashion trends of 2016 (fall/winter), a bomber jacket makes for an interesting layering element in your outfit. It also adds edge to your otherwise mundane outfit.


6. Chokers


Like many vintage trends, chokers too are going through a major resurrection phase. Apart from the traditional black stretch choker that we were familiar with, as kids, there are scores of styles and colors for you to experiment with. They help tie your whole look together with very minimal accessorizing.

7. Velvet


Yes, you heard it right! The Velvet of the yesteryear is making a happy comeback in the wardrobe and this time it is not just limited to one article of clothing. Velvet pant-suits, chokers, accessories, handbags, jackets and even shoes are looked at as statement pieces that bring life to the entire look.

8. Bell Sleeves


While over-emphasis on the sleeve styles and sleeve lengths is a street style trend that has been the most interesting one. Among them, the bell sleeves of the 70’s are a fashion favorite.


9. Woven Handbags


Fashion is transforming and the choices people are making while choosing the products are leaning more towards sustainability and being cruelty-free. To this end, there has been seen a steady rise in the popularity of the woven straw handbags. They are cruelty-free, organic and a perfect choice for a Sunday brunch outfit.

10. Ruffles and Oxford Stripes


Tickle the traditional English stylish side of you and embrace these trends to ace the street style game. Ruffles add a playful touch to an otherwise boring outfit, for instance, a plain white shirt. On the other hand, oxford stripes when used in an outfit, apart from being used in a formal shirt make for an interesting print choice.

Want a flawless street style look? Opt for a Striped, Cold-shouldered with ruffles detailing on the neckline and bell sleeves. While you accessorize with a woven handbag and a plain velvet choker. Either choose a pair of basic sneakers or a solid colored block heel to complete your look!