7 Stylish Accessories That Will Take Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

In a Marie Kondo world where less is more, we know that a little goes a long way—especially when you’re dealing with the reality of minimum closet space. Staying on-trend doesn’t have to mean turning your master bath into a pop-up closet of this season’s newest runway favorites. Maximize your wardrobe’s potential with the simple addition of some seriously stylish accessories guaranteed to breathe new life into any tried-and-true look.

Check out our list of seven stylish accessories you’ll want to own to take your outfit from to drab to fab in an instant this season.

  1. It’s a Bling Thing

 7 Stylish Accessories That Will Take Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

The obvious choice for most women when it comes to accessorizing an outfit is to add jewelry. From simple studs to elegant necklaces and pretty plastic baubles, to little blue boxes, chances are every fashion-forward female has some piece of “go-to” jewelry she uses to level-up even her most basic everyday look.

The trick to accessorizing with jewelry is making sure your bling only adds to your outfit and doesn’t detract from your overall look. For example, dangling statement earrings or a sparkly bib necklace are both great pieces to wear to add a little more excitement to an otherwise subdued look like jeans and a blazer.

However, if you’re intention is to make a jaw-dropping entrance in a floor-sweeping maxi with a plunging neckline, then it’s best to nix the fancy necklace and keep the jewelry elegant and simple—like a quaint pendant necklace or simple studs, 925 sterling silver necklaces are usually a good idea if you don’t know what type of necklace to wear. And, if you’re looking for something a bit “middle ground” that can dress up your everyday jeans and sweater but still make you look fun and flirty, get some much-deserved attention with a pair of oversized hoop earrings framing that gorgeous face of yours.

  1. Throw Some Shade

Sure, protecting your eyes from those harmful UV rays is practically a necessity these days, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a stylish choice too. Swap out your scratched and smudged bargain basement sunglasses this season for a pair of trendy oversized D-frame shades instead. Ensure that your new retro shades will go with your personal style by opting for simple, plastic frames in neutral tones like black, clear or tortoise shell to keep that allure of subdued but trendy going strong.

  1. It’s in the Bag

 7 Stylish Accessories That Will Take Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

Break free from that familiar fashion rut of the “all occasions” handbag. Just because your purse is big enough to carry all of the things to all of the places doesn’t mean you should. Handbags make great accessories and can really bring an air of fun or sophistication to any look. Add some sparkle to your classic LBD with a vibrant bejeweled handbag adding a whole new level of “chic” to your already classy look. With so many styles and variations of “embellishment” to choose from, it’s easy to ease into the beguiling allure of bejeweled handbags.

As much fun as bejeweled bags may be, they’re not always the right choice for a workplace environment. Make a statement at your 9-5 this season with the trendy yet functional tote. These runway-worthy bags can work in any style, so chances are the shape you love to tote around is available with a far fresher look than that fraying handbag you’ve been neglecting to spot-clean for years.

  1. Keep Your Hat On

Bad hair days are a thing of the past when you have a stylish hat to elevate your look regardless of any bed-head crisis. A cute baseball cap is a great outfit accessory every now and then but, for those days you want to rock a hat without looking like a celebrity trying to avoid paparazzi at an airport, try something a little chicer and more stylish like a wide brimmed hat.

Complete every outfit by choosing a hat in a neutral color like black or tan, which also happens to go with just about anything. Pair your hottest new accessory with an outfit that’s both contemporary and a little edgy—like a pair of distressed skinny jeans and a leather jacket—and you’ll have a sexy look all that works no matter the season.

  1. Be a Work of Art

It’s no secret that your shoes can make—or break—an outfit, but an art-world-inspired sculptured heel can really make a statement. Let everyone know your passion for fashion is less a hobby and more an artistic example of self-expression when you step out in a pair of reimagined heels with unique eye-catching silhouettes. From cylinders to abstract waves and boots, to mules, a sculptured heel is a great accessory to highlight when you want your shoes to gain traction as the center of attention.

  1. Highlight Your Point

7 Stylish Accessories That Will Take Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

If you’d rather look at art as opposed to wearing it on your feet, a more traditional dress shoe may be what you’re looking for. Keep trendy this season in a low and pointy pump pretty enough to make strides in the fashion world but practical enough not to raise any eyebrows among your less fashion-enthused male co-workers. These elegant and stylish kitten heels look great with most pieces in your closet—including those semi-dressy-but-still-casual pieces you love to flaunt—and they’re far more practical for going from a busy workday to a hopping happy hour than your usual high heels.

  1. Tie One On

Add a bit of flair with a vibrant silk scarf keeping things bright. Not only will this chic accessory add sophistication to your well-thought-out look, but it’s also a great way to play with colors and patterns in an otherwise subdued outfit. If you’re not so sure you’re ready to wear a silk scarf tied around your neck (très chic!) then opt for making it a fun and flirty hair accessory instead.

Whatever your personal style, accessorizing is a great way to breathe new life into well-loved wardrobe pieces and a sure bet when you need to bring your look from drab to fab without a whole lot of effort. Does it get any better than that?