Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

Is Gender Dysphoria Considered A Taboo?

Gender Dysphoria has always prevailed but, has been swept under the rug for many millions of years. What many people consider as a ‘psychological illness’ is actually a medical condition. But, is gender dysphoria considered a taboo? And, what are the symptoms of gender dysphoria?


What is Gender Dysphoria?

The feeling of being born in the wrong biological body while, experiencing feelings and emotions of the opposite sex. They need not always identify with the same sex that they were born with.


For example, a man possessing all biological qualities of a male member might feel that he is much more inclined to have female traits emotionally and intellectually. He may even feel uncomfortable in his own skin and wish that he was born with female physical traits as well.

On the other hand, they may not identify with any one gender, feeling that they are neither male nor female.

Earlier, Gender Dysphoria was termed as ‘Gender Identity Disorder Studies’. This was while it was considered to be a psychological condition, and not a medical one.

Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

The symptoms can begin at a very young age but, occasionally the child might grow out of it. It is only taken seriously when the person is old enough to make decisions on their own.

1. Behaviorism of the opposite sex

symptoms of gender dysphoria

A person suffering with gender dysphoria may adopt certain traits and behaviors of the gender they identify with. This may even include toys and games that they play, their choice in clothing and in extreme cases the way they choose to urinate. This is the most obviously of all the symptoms of gender dysphoria.

2. Compares themselves to the opposite sex

symptoms of gender dysphoria

A constant comparison is made between themselves and someone of the gender they identify with. They begin to slowly change the way they carry themselves. In extreme cases they may even begin to call themselves as a woman/man (the gender they identify with).

3. Isolation


As they grow older, they begin to isolate themselves mainly because, children with gender dysphoria, are most often targets of bullying. They begin to feel confused as they grow, and feel unworthy of friends and so they isolate themselves completely. Gender syndrome considered a taboo for millions of years, has been the main cause of this.

4. Loneliness

symptoms of gender dysphoria

The feeling of emptiness and loneliness never seems to leave, even though they might be surrounded with many people. This could be because of two reasons – firstly, that they are keeping their feelings a secret and are actually living a lie; or, they have no one to relate with or no one who accepts them for who they truly are.

5. Uncomfortable in their own skin

symptoms of gender dysphoria

When a child hits puberty, natural body development begins. As their body begins to develop, they feel betrayed and uncomfortable with their skin. This is because they wish that they had similar traits of the gender that they truly identify with. Apart from this, they might also develop feelings of hatred and jealousy as they watch others grow into skin that they which they possessed. This is perhaps the most uncomfortable of the symptoms of gender dysphoria.

6. Stress

symptoms of gender dysphoria

As an adult, all these traumatically effects build up within them. This could result in a highly stressful atmosphere, which can endanger their health majorly.

7. Depression

symptoms of gender dysphoria

It is only natural to feel depressed at this stage. Imagine having to live in a body you can’t accept or, live with people who don’t accept you. It could also end in suicide if not taken care of.

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Is Gender Dysphoria considered a Taboo in India?

symptoms of gender dysphoria

Earlier gender dysphoria was frowned upon by the Indian society to the extent where, if they found any symptoms of gender dysphoria, they were simply ‘sent away’ to join the Hijra community. The main question remains that is Gender Dysphoria considered a taboo even in today’s modern world? Thankfully we seem to be growing out of our comfort zone, and have begun to accept things that our ancestors would’ve never thought of doing.

These days we hear many inspiring stories where many people are recognizing their true identity and even transitioning to it! For example remember MTV Splitsvilla contest Gaurav Arora from season 8? Well, he has now recognized his true identity and has transformed into Gauri Arora.

Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

It is not just big stars that are plucking up the courage to do so. Take a look at the story of how Komal transitioned to Kabir: