Plumping up your lips with dermal fillers can leave you looking and feeling years younger. Whether you’re simply enhancing what nature has given you, or looking for an entirely new look all your own, you’ll find that the dermal filler procedure can be performed fast and easily in just one appointment.

While there generally no need for downtime after getting fillers, it’s important that you care for your lips after treatment. The better care that you take of your lips, the better your results will be.

Use ice after treatment

After any type of cosmetic procedure, it’s possible and normal to experience some swelling. Applying ice packs for the first several hours after treatment can help to reduce the swelling and also help with any tenderness that you may be feeling.

Eat right and stay hydrated

In order to get the best results, be sure that you are maintaining a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also important you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for the first week after your procedure.

Skip the workout for the next 24 hours

According to the dermal fillers specialists at Face Today Cairns, there is no need to drastically alter your routine after dermal filler procedures, but it’s recommended that you abstain from working out for 24 hours after the procedure. This is because it’s generally a good idea to avoid an increase in blood flow or heat and sweat to the treated area. To get the best results after treatment, we want to keep the lips cool and calm.

Avoid waxing or hair removal creams

If you plan on waxing your upper lip or using a hair removal cream, it’s recommended that you do this before your procedure. It can otherwise inflame your sensitive lips if used too soon after getting the dermal fillers.

Avoid intense temperatures

Until the swelling and redness have completely resolved, it’s recommended that you avoid any type of extreme heat or cold. This could include skipping the tanning bed, hot tub or sauna. Avoiding winter sports like skiing and snowboarding is also suggested until your lips have been allowed to completely heal.

Protect your lips from the sun

The sun’s rays can be harsh on your face and lips even without dermal fillers in the equation. Be sure to wear a hat if you’ll be spending time outdoors. It’s also a good idea to use a lip balm that contains sunscreen.

Don’t fly too soon after treatment

Your lips should be allowed to heal and adjust to the fillers for a few days before you take to the skies. The increase in pressure can potentially irritate and inflame your lips. It may even potentially alter the results of your treatment.

Scrub and protect

Staying hydrated will keep your lips from peeling. You can also use a gentle lip scrub that will help to exfoliate your lips. Use a quality lip moisturizer on your lips after using the scrub. Be sure that your lips have completely recovered from the filler procedure prior to using a scrub on them.

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