If you’ve heard anything about Coolsculpting it should be that it somehow, miraculously is able to tone the body with nothing but a little cold air, the procedure takes a very short amount of your day and also that there is quite a wait before the final results set in.

All of these are correct in their own way, but we’ll be taking a look at what happens after the treatment itself. Coolsculpting NYC and other major cities’ favorite way to tone the body is becoming quite a fad and it would be important for more people to know what they need to expect after the procedure and what they can do to get the most out of it.

So here are a few things you can expect after the procedure.

Very Little Time Out of Your Hands

The Coolsculpting procedure is notoriously short; lasting only around 40 minutes. And also considering how it’s a relatively casual treatment, allowing you to basically sit around, watch TV, read a book, chat up with the clinic workers, time really does fly during the procedure itself. So, yes, you should expect the procedure to go by like a breeze.

But the downtime shares a part of this sentiment too. Downtime, in the cosmetic treatment lexicon, is the time following the actual procedure itself, during which you feel all the side effects and the nuisances that come with the treatment. For some treatments it’s a lot of itching, for others it’s a lot of swelling. Some are even downright painful to recover from.

Coolsculpting, however, is rather easy when compared to these. Consider that the procedure is just 40 minutes of cold air being slowly pumped to a certain area of your body. Now imagine what it feels like after you’re done. Probably a little numbness, maybe a little swelling from the tension of the skin. And obviously, there’s going to be some redness

But if you’ve ever come from very cold winter weather and you didn’t wear any facial protection while you were walking outside, basically that’s how it feels after the procedure. Most clients report slight aching in the area, but this pain subsides within the same day of the procedure, the next day the latest.

Now keep in mind that everyone’s experience is going to be different, but if generally people don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to recover from the side effects, then you can be confident that chances are you won’t have to either. In the case that you would need a little extra care for the side effects, all you really have to do is moisten up the treated area, since the cold air probably made the skin super dry

Also as with any other treatment that’s on the body, you have to keep yourself from touching the treated area. Sure, it may be fascinating, but you really have to restrain yourself.

Payoff for the Patient

Unlike many other treatments, Coolsculpting is one of a kind as it rewards patience over anything else. It’s not an unknown fact that it may take months for the full results and effects to kick in, but don’t let this demotivate you.

The reason why it takes so long to see results is because the treatment utilizes your body and your body alone to contour the layers of fat. No need for some crazy chemicals in your body, also no need to cut off anything. Your body naturally chips away at the fat clumps, slowly but surely bringing them down.

It may take up to 6 months for the final results of Coolsculpting to set in, but keep in mind that even within the first month or two you will already see a big difference compared to before.

If you want some good examples of how Coolsculpting can tone the body, you can check out some clients before and after photos on PLACEHOLDER website. They have some great examples of what Coolsculpting can accomplish. And if you want a little more information on the treatment, you can always visit their Coolsculpting NYC webpage, which has slightly more in-depth information on the treatment and what to expect.

Dedication Through and Through

Patience and dedication are the two factors that reward clients with beautifully contoured body’s. Sure, you have to wait a couple months for the results to completely become visible, but there is also a major factor of dedication that comes into play.

Fat doesn’t just randomly appear, there’s always a source. Whether it’s lack of physical activity or a certain unhealthy diet, fat always finds some way to creep into the most inconvenient areas of the body. So while Coolsculpting can successfully tone these areas, in order to keep them that way you must also stay away from the habits that accumulated the fat in the first place.

What’s the point of getting your body tones, if you’re just going to repeat the very things which caused the fat clumps to appear in the first place? So, it’s important to make sure what it is that caused the fat to appear in the first place, eliminate this particular factor and let the Coolsculpting work its magic, slowly, sure, but surely.

See a Visible Difference

Just reading about it you probably won’t get a proper idea, but the difference is always staggering. Make sure you look at some before and after photos as those are great examples of everything that Coolsculpting is capable of.

And if you’re in the process of waiting right now, try to keep yourself from looking into the mirror too often, just so that you can have a better point of comparison as your body slowly contours and the beautiful curves begin to come out.

There are very few contouring treatments that can boast these advantages that Coolsculpting does, so while there are some hot deals in your local areas, make sure to grab yourself a great bargain and see how you can tone your body through your body’s own means.