Girls are supposed to be prim and proper, classy and fabulous; why and who would ever suspect that we would do anything behind the curtain, like ever? Sadly, I’m going to have to burst that dream bubble, boys, because here is a list of 50 things girls do but won’t admit to doing!

Weird Things Girls Do

1. Scope out the ‘competition’ at programs and events.

2. Say that we are going to start our diet…..(sees a piece of cake)…..tomorrow.

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3. Change our minds about the diet again because ‘Tomorrow is no good. Monday is always a good day to start things, not Tuesday.’

4. Begin your exercise and continue it for all of two days.

5. Check your weight before and after an exercise routine to see if there is any difference.

6. Binge eat before a diet; a diet that will start tomorrow, or next Monday.

7. While boys have ‘Movember’, we have ‘No Shave Winter’. Long sleeve and full-length pants ftw!

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8. Shaving right up to sleeve and skirt length and not quite caring about the rest.

9. Try out that classic smoky eye makeup and end up looking like a raccoon.

10. Claim to be late because of the traffic when in reality it was that winged liner and your eyebrows that delayed you.

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11. Stalk better than professional stalkers.

12. Stalk the people you hate just to make sure that you still hate them.

13. Take a selfie when we wake up, when we are just out of the shower, when we get ready, when we are leaving, when we reach, when we eat, when we change, when we meet someone after a long time, when we are bored, when we exercise, when we pretend to be asleep.

14. Ask other girls to check our butts out for period stains.

15. Cry and complain about just about everything when we PMS.

16. Watch a really sappy serial alone and crying your eyes out.

17. Cry in front of the mirror to check if you look like Kim K when you cry.

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18. Screenshot and share entire conversations with our best friends.

19. Practically starve on the first date. (Why show him the food monster that lives inside you so soon?)

20. Love being strong independent women, but, love it when a guy pampers us.

21. Wear the same bra for over a week or till it smells because the fit is perfect.

22. Love how good that padded, push-up bra looks.

23. Jump around in a new bra to check how much you jiggle.

24. Can’t wait to get home so you can get that suffocating bra off.

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25. Check how good your boobs and butt looks in a dress/outfit.

50 Things Girls Do But Won’t Admit to Doing!

26. Buy a whole bunch of expensive perfumes that we never use because ‘it is too good for the occasion’.

27. Buy tiny clutches that look amazing but, then curse them because only a lipstick and handkerchief fits in it.

28. Buy those heels that are super high because they look HOT AF, and then never use them because you can’t actually walk in them.

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29. Buy beauty products that we don’t know how to use and will never use.

30. Have a cupboard full of clothes that you refuse to part with, even though you have only 5 outfits that you actually use.

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31. Dress up for no reason….*just checking if it still fits*

32. Keep those tight clothes for ‘inspiration’ to lose weight, for about ten years.

33. Buy lingerie that no one will ever see but, you feel super sexy in it so who cares.

34. Pretend-play ‘Rockstar’ in your room – hairbrush as the mic, bed as the stage.

35. Recording your singing voice to see if you really sound as good/bad as you think you do.

36. Play out huge arguments and scenarios that can actually bring tears rolling down your face, but never really happen in reality.

37. Contemplate becoming an actress because you can cry on queue or play a damsel in distress so well.

38. Start huge dramatic arguments just so that we can have some drama in our lives.

39. Plan out your wedding by the time you reach 15yrs. Now all you need is the groom to show up.

40. Hate on a hot actor’s wife/GF/partner, even though you knew you never even had a chance in the first place.

41. Pretend to like things when your crush says that they like them.

42. Pretend to be lesbians with your best friend to avoid weird boys at the club, or just to annoy your actual boyfriend.

43. Tried the ‘bend and snap’ at least once.

44. Or the classic flutter of eyes and looking up ‘innocently’.

45. Get a new haircut that we love till the blow-out dies.

46. Lie to the hairdresser about the products you use and don’t use.

47. Try a new braid hairstyle or updo hairstyle when your hair is too dirty but, you’re too lazy to wash it and reset it.

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48. Googling yourself to see what information is freely available to the public.

49. Robbing your boyfriend’s clothes and not washing them for weeks on end because if you do it won’t smell like him anymore.

50. Most of all, it is true, we can never decide what we want to eat.

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*Disclaimer: This article was written from the author’s point of view. Not all girls may experience the above-mentioned scenarios.

Things Girls Do But Won’t Admit to Doing!