Here Comes The Bride!!

Weddings! Sigh! The pretty flowers, the music, the dancing, cupids flying around in the air and of course – the wedding dresses! My guilty pleasure would be all those sappy, gooey movies; plus a major bonus if it features a wedding! You know how the groom always waits to look at the bride? I always wait to look at her dress! Here are the top 15 movie wedding dresses of all time!

Top 15 Movie Wedding Dresses

15. The Proposal – Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate


This dress was created to replicate a vintage dress, stitched in 1929! The bust was fitted down to Sandra Bullock’s size, to create the impression of a hand-altered dress. Vintage and elegant!

14. 27 Dresses – Malin Åkerman as Tess Nichols


Despite the huge fight that took place, over this very same dress, we have to admit, we LOVED this dress. The top half was modern and highly fashionable, while the skirt was pure elegance! Plus the idea of an empire waist dress always did excite me!

13. The Vow – Rachel McAdams as Paige


How could anyone not love this short and sweet wedding dress! What I love about this dress is that it is nowhere even close to being traditional! It is short and peach! And that two-layered veil is just the cherry on top!

12. Runaway Bride – Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter


This movie features A LOT of wedding dresses but, these two movie wedding dresses are by far the best (plus they’re both worn with the same groom). The simplicity of both of these dresses is breathtaking!

11. Enchanted – Amy Adams as Giselle


Only Amy Adams can wear a dress straight out of an imaginary world and still look so beautiful! If you have seen the movie then I’m sure you know exactly how cumbersome this dress actually is but, some things are worth the pain, right ladies?

10. Pirates Of The Caribbean – Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swan


This 18th Century dress, designed by Penny Rose, made every single girl watching the movie gasp in awe! The use of metallic and ivory in the dress, with silk, lace and flower embellishments was the perfect combination!

9. Princess Diaries 2 – Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis


As Princess Mia Thermopolis walks down the aisle, she is dress in nothing that you would assume a princess would wear! Her slender dress, with the boat-neck and laced sleeves, is still elegant and classy, while simple at the same time! Furthermore, that gorgeous long cathedral train was just the cherry on the cake!

8. Cinderella (2015) – Lily James as Cinderella


This dress is everything a little girl would imagine Cinderella’s dress to be! The embroidered flowers are much like the character themselves – both colorful and happy. I especially love the idea of sheer, seamless sleeves, as it borders between modern and traditional.

7. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1) – Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen


Although the movie doesn’t feature an actual wedding, this dress was created as her wedding dress!


Before she twirls and changes the dress to another, we get the chance to feast our eyes upon some amazing eye-candy worthy fashion!

6. Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) – Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan


Despite what everyone claims to be horrible acting on Kristen’s part, we have to admit, she does look gorgeous in that dress. The open back adds just enough spark to the dress and that lace is just beyond amazing!

5. Mirror Mirror – Julia Roberts as the Queen


Stunning, captivating, enchanting and irresistible! I really could go on. Although Julia plays the role of the evil Queen, this dress is way too gorgeous to ignore. The whole look gives us the impression of flower petals and we love it!

4. Bride Wars – Anne Hathaway as Emma Allan


The way the silk is draped to obtain this look is magnificent! Of course, the poor dress gets ripped apart a few minutes later but, even after that, it still looks super awesome!

3. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part 1) – Clemence Poesy as Fleur Delacour


We were lost for words the first time we say this dress. Without the two breathtaking lace peacocks, the dress would look highly plain. To add to that, the way the tulle has been layered under the peacock’s tails gives the effect of soft feathers.

2. Moulin Rouge! – Nicole Kidman as Satine


This dress is more than breath-taking considering the fact that that it is the perfect blend of western traditions and Indian fashion! The dress mimics an Indian sari but, has been draped in a way that no one would ever think of! The headpiece and the necklace just add to its beauty.

1. Bride Wars – Kate Hudson as Liv Learner


No.1 on our list of the best movie wedding dresses is this gorgeous dress by the one and only Vera Wang, featured in the movie Bride Wars. Every girl who saw this movie wished for a fairy tale dress like Liv’s. This dress is the best of all the movie wedding dresses! This only goes to show how amazing Vera Wang is!