Some people believe that clothes are just clothes, pieces of material sewn together to keep us warm and cover our private parts. However, studies show that what we wear can greatly affect the way we behave. In fact, professional outfits can help us think more creatively, put us in the work mood, increase our concentration and our abilities to solve problems. On the other hand, casual outfits nurture our social side and turn us into more approachable and friendly people. It seems that ‘dressing the part’ has a deeper meaning than we thought! 

So, if you should wear one outfit at the office, and something else when you go out, how can you change your look if you don’t have time, well, change? As a busy bee, you know that every minute of your time is precious, and sometimes there is no way you can manage to go home from work, find something else to wear, put it on and then go out again to meet your friends. A lot of times it is way easier to just go directly from the office to the bar (or a club), and when those situations occur, you should be able to easily transform your wardrobe from day tonight. This may sound complicated but actually, it is a lot easier than it seems. With a couple of tricks and versatile clothing items, you can look your best, whether you are having a meeting in the conference room or shaking your booty on the dance floor.

Back to black

Black is a color you can wear on most occasions. It is elegant, always in style and it goes with everything. Are you going to a fancy event? A long black dress is always a good choice. Do you have an important meeting? A black pants suit will help you look professional, edgy, and stylish. Do you want to go dancing? A pair of black jeans with a top or a mini black dress is all you need to look like the vamp queen! This color can make any outfit look chic and sexy and if you wish to spice things up, you can add some pop of bright colors by using shiny accessories. If you are not a huge fan of black color, opt for brown, navy, or tan items. The upside of these dark colors is that you can easily transit your day look to the night-out outfit. It is best to keep your outfit plain because prints can make it difficult to switch your look.

Keep accessories in your purse

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your outfit, accessories are those that will make your wardrobe look cheap or expensive, trashy or classy. Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in a couple of items you will be able to pull out of your bag every time you need to quickly transform your outfit. A fabulous belt can turn your baggy dress into one that is much sexier and shows off your curves. A shiny ring from Moon Magic jewelry with a pair of statement earrings, or a chunky, colorful necklace can transform your plain outfit and help you look like you are ready to paint the town red. Keep these items in your purse or in your desk at the office, and be dressed to impress in any kind of situation. 

A pair of stilettoes can be a real game-changer

A little black dress with a pair of loafers and you are ready for the office or even a quick shopping trip after work. However, a dress with a pair of sexy stilettos and you are ready to turn some heads. Just by changing your shoes, you can completely transform your outfit, so consider keeping a pair of high heels in your office or your car. However, if for some reason this is not an option, go with a pair of stacked-heel boots. These always look sleek and sophisticated but do not sacrifice your comfort, so you can wear them at the office as well as in a bar. During the winter months opt for a chunky-heeled, rounded- toe boots, and switch to a high-heeled cutout boot pair in the summer. 

Opt for a stylish jumpsuit

The best thing about jumpsuits is that they are huge time-savers. Instead of standing for an hour in front of your mirror, checking out what blouse goes best with your pants or a skirt, you can simply hop into a jumpsuit and be ready to head out the door. Oh, and you will be so comfy since this one-piece outfit feels like you are wearing a pajama. Although this piece of clothing has a reputation of being solely weekend attire, with a blazer and classy accessories you can wear it at work and look completely professional. For a night out simply take off the blazer, put on a pair of heels and you will look amazing with very little effort. 

Give the above-the-knee wrap dress a chance

For decades a simple wrap dress has been a workwear staple. It is so simple, yet elegant and stylish and if you opt for the above-the-knee version you will avoid that whole something-your-mom-would-wear look. The great thing about this conservative piece is that you can easily elevate it with a pair of chunky earrings and a bold pair of shoes.

Culotte pants should have a place in your wardrobe

Are they pants? Are the shorts? No one knows, but one thing is for sure – these bottoms are always a great choice because of their comfort and versatility. Instead of wearing your regular pants, skinny jeans or slacks, opt for culotte pants and you won’t have a problem if you need to grab a drink with your friends after work. High-waisted, tailored culotte pants with pumps and fashionable jewelry pieces are ideal for a more formal event as well as a night on the town.

A silk blouse is always a good choice

Every woman should own a classic silk blouse since this piece totally works at the office and feels stylish enough for drinks out as well. It comes in various options, so you can choose between a long-sleeved, sleeveless, and a button-up style.  Whether you pair it with a pair of jeans, pants, or a skirt you won’t make a mistake. 

Choose a shift dress

For those days when you are feeling bloated and you just want to be as comfortable as possible, this figure-flattering dress is a perfect choice. It is appropriate as office attire and it still looks very chic and modern. When paired with flats or heels a shift dress looks classy and professional, while you can easily switch to a more casual look with sneakers or sandals.  However, for the office opt for a dress with a longer hemline and sleeves so you don’t look too casual. 

Although times have changed and what was once considered inappropriate for work is now perfectly normal, there are still some rules that need to be followed. With these staple pieces and simple tricks, you will be able to look fabulous no matter where you are going and easily transform your outfit.