Your creativity should know no limit. Creativity is crucial for business success, it can save your romantic relationship in case you are going through a rough patch or it can make it better than it already is. Knowing how to bring and keep creativity around you attracts the right kind of people in your life.

With all these benefits brought by creativity, it is no wonder how much time researchers spend on this subject, asking never-ending questions: where does it come from? Can creativity be taught? How can you improve it? Apparently, there is an easy trick you can use to invite creativity back into your life. This trick has been around for ages – wearing semi-precious stone bracelets, specifically designed to improve your life as well as your aspect.

According to which creative aspect of your life you want to improve, you will need different gemstones. With this in mind, take a look at this suggestion list meant to help you choose semi-precious stone bracelets.

Finding your own voice: Lapis Lazuli

With its deep blue color, the Lapis Lazuli stone is a very strong, elegant element to bring into your daily life. Also known as the stone of truth, it enhances honesty in all your activities. If you want to improve your speaking or writing skills, it is recommended to use this gemstone because vulnerability is a strong asset for those who are trying to reach others through sympathy.

Semi-precious stone bracelets with Lapis Lazuli are perfect for psychologists, writers, lawyers or executives.

Let your ideas flow: Gold Stone

There are no limits to the power this gemstone is believed to have. It borrows its color from the sun and it shines on all creative aspects of life. They help you unlock your true potential, they have healing power – for these reasons and many others, these semi-precious stone bracelets with goldstone are very popular among different types of people.

Clear your thoughts: Tiger’s Eye Stone

Found in different colors, the Tiger’s Eye is also referred to as the stone of the mind. Balancing the Earth’s and Sun’s energy, it is well known for helping its owner get rid of irrational fear and for finding courage.

There is a variety of semi-precious bracelets with Tiger’s Eye Stone you can choose from. The Matte Tiger Eye beaded bracelet enhances your observational skills, the Grey Tiger Eye one helps you make the right decision. The Pink Tiger Eye bracelet offers you inspiration and wisdom, while the Green one gives you a motivational boost.

Moreover, the name of this gemstone comes from its resemblance to the eye of a tiger. It is advised to keep your semi-precious stone bracelets by the side of your bed to receive protection while sleeping.

Keeping your creative spirit alive means taking care of your inner child and connecting to primordial human forces. This is the main reason why we recommend using the power of gemstones. Also, by wearing them in a bracelet design you get to enjoy their benefits throughout the day. For carefully designed, elegant-looking semi-stone bracelets, you should try, where every piece of jewelry has a meaning.