‘I would rather prefer a toes-in-sand wedding ceremony!’ Is that what you actually want? Well, presuming that you’re someone who wish to make the best attempt at making your wedding day a gala day in a seaside area, here’s presenting the checklist guide for your wedding ceremony!

Whether you prefer an oceanfront spot or private-owned beachside, a bunch of things is required to be considered! Shore-loving couples understand how essential it is to know the nitty-gritties of beach wedding ceremonies. But apart from the unique challenges associated with this kind of wedding, you need to concentrate on making your day a perfect one! So, here goes the guide!

  • Considering what to wear

Going for a ball gown is too funny for a beach wedding. Plus, it might get cumbersome and even look over-fussy!  Beach weddings always call for light-weighted gowns! What makes linen fabric perfect for beach wedding dresses is because it’s stylish and sassy! For bridesmaids, airy and light fabrics can be the key! You can also try out cotton dresses that can complement a beach wedding look (casual yet fashionable).

Shooting Framed-Memories

You wouldn’t like to hire someone who isn’t eligible to shoot quality photographs of your wedding. Since it is a gala event for you, you always want to cherish the memories in the form of photographs. That’s the reason why finding a reliable and professional photographer is of paramount importance. Do keep in mind that a beach wedding is nothing to do with the regular wedding! So, you need to choose someone who has experience in shooting amazing beach photos. You can plan a pre-wedding shoot just to observe whether or not the photographer you chose is eligible!

  • Elements for Décor

Seaside wedding’s one fun part is choosing the décor elements which can complement the beach setting. Starfish, anchors, seashells, nautical ropes, lanterns, driftwood, and sea glass some pretty touches to include.

  • Food and Drink

A seaside wedding will be different from a regular wedding. So, you need to have a right sense of menu to reflect a beach setting. In that case, incorporating customs and foods of the respective area can make sense. When choosing the menu, consider the seaside’s temperature since a couple of foods can even spoil in extreme heat conditions.

A Cake

A wedding cake is accented with shells, sugar sand, tropical blooms, and palm leaves when it comes to the seaside ceremony. You can even ask the baker to create ombré designs resembling beach sunset too.

Arrange the sound system

There will be a lot of noise that is produced in the background as you have arranged the wedding on the beachside with the sound of wind and waves. Though, it creates a welcoming ambience, but to lift up the spirit of the ceremony you need to arrange sound system and play good music to entertain the guests. You also need to use microphone to let the guests hear what you are saying clearly. You need to use the windscreen cover to cover the microphone properly to make sure that the guests are able to hear your vows clearly without any muffling sound. When you pay attention to these minute details, it will make your wedding a perfect one.

Get the required permit

Every couple is excited to get hitched as soon as possible after the proposal is finalized. If you are planning to hold the ceremony on the seaside, it is important for you to research thoroughly about the required paperwork you have to get done. It is important for you to take the permission from the beach authorities so that you would not face any kind of problem on the day of your wedding. To keep the stress on the wedding day at bay, you need to have all the required documents to host the wedding at seaside.

Consider accommodation

After distributing the invitation and buying the required jewelry and outfit for the occasion, the next big thing you need to do is to find the best accommodation. You need to arrange accommodation for your guests to stay and relax. You can also get discounts by booking the hotels in advance.

Plan the make up in a way that it lasts for the whole day

To ensure that your make up lasts for the whole day of the wedding, you need to use alternate textures despite of just using powders and creams. This helps you to click some beautiful pictures of your wedding where you look stunning and stand out. You can choose powder bronzer with cream blush to stay beautiful all day long.

After everything else

After everything that you’ve planned, you should try considering a back-up plan. Surely, it is the last thing that can strike your mind! But with a back-up plan, you would be able to cooperate with Mother Nature and natural mishaps! And in case it rains, you would have to rent a tent! With a back-up plan, this is possible. Make the arrangement in advance! Thus, this compiles everything to know about perfect beach wedding plans and ideas!