Color Combinations Of Today

There are some color combinations that look better on us, when compared to some others. It is these same colors that we don pretty much every time that we are in a dressing dilemma.

People often reach out to safe and classic color combinations like orange and red, black with anything bright, blue and white and so on but, I’ve put together a set of 5 color combinations that are unusual but, bold and ultra-fashionable.

Here Are 5 Unconventional Color Combinations:

1. Brown and Peach

Color Combinations

Peach is such a girly and soothing pastel colors whereas, brown is a brawny color.

Their combination will make you look daring in your choices and, if some suede or leather is added to the look, it will truly work wonders!

2. Chocolate Brown and Red

Color Combinations

These colors may look like they are from the same color family but, they convey different style statements when worn.

Mixing them together gives out a chic and flirty vibe, besides which, the combination also has Marsala written all over it.

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3. Blue and Green

Color Combinations

Perhaps the most widely known color combination but, hardly ever exploited color combination is the Blue-Green one. Both colors come from the peacock family and are statement colors.

When worn together, they can take any outfit to a level beyond the ordinary. One can sport this combination of colors on both Western and traditional wear.

4. Yellow and Blue



When both colors are as striking as yellow and blue, making an entrance will hardly be an issue. An outfit with a dominant blue palette and bright yellow thrown in will make anyone look good!

5. Tan and Black

Color Combinations

A hoard of fashion bloggers will advise you against wearing brown with black as they are both very dark colors and will make you look more goth than you have chosen to look.

Tan is a lighter cooler shade of brown and its combination with black is pure class. Add some metallic hues in the form of an accessory or a pair of shoes and you are done!

There you have it! So, next time around, do not fret about wearing these color combinations. We are sure you will rock it!

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