Curly Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are definitely in vogue this year, with celebrities sporting it on and off the ramp. It isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re doing. So keep those straightening irons aside and go through our list of 60 unique curly hairstyle ideas that will turn your world around! Choose the best one for you today and sport those curls!

Types of Curly Hair

  • Soft Curls: These curls are soft and work best with silky hair. It is almost wavy, with soft ringlets. 
  • Tight Curls: Here the hair is springy and dense, with small ringlets. 
  • Afros: This iconic style is natural on hair types. It consists of thick, dense and luscious hair with tight curls.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Keep in mind that some hairstyles, if too tight can cause hair loss, which can be treated with Jamaican black castor oil. Always keep your hair care for curls in mind so that you do not damage your curls. Here are some of our favorite curly hairstyles that are easy and fun to do!

1. Curls with a Bow

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A cute way to spice up your curly tresses is to add some bling in that baby with fun curly hairstyles! Grab a beautiful bow and use it on your hair to frame your face and keep your curls away from your eyes. Bows make you look chic and girly, and are great when paired with sun dresses and laid-back outfits.

2. Center Parted Curls

This look works well for women who have clear foreheads. Hydrate up and keep yourself healthy to get beautiful, smooth and shiny skin which you can show off with center parted curly hair ideas! Women with thick, lush hair near the forehead can opt for this look which frames your face and highlights the eyes and nose. Use hairspray to keep your curls in place!

3. Side Twisted Curls

This look is deceivingly easy, as it looks gorgeous and elegant and is super easy to pull off as curly wedding hairstyles. Take a strand of hair from the front of the head, secure it with some pins and start twisting it to make a twisted stand. Lead it to one side of the head and use pins to secure the strand, keeping it in place.

4. Flowery Afro Curl

 A great way to supplement dense, thick hair is to place bright accessories as curly hairstyles for prom! Flowers on hair look elegant and natural. Pluck a few roses or lilies and place them on your hair, securing them with pins or placing them on a hairband. Use colors that contrast the color of your hair. You can also go for artificial flowers in varied shades.

5. Colored Springy Curls

Give some color to your life with hair of various hues! Natural colors to choose from include blonde, brunette, and mahogany. Women with lighter skin tones can go for darker colors and vice versa. Jet black hair works beautifully with all skin shades as short black hairstyles. Bring some color to your hair with cute curly hairstyles for short hair and turn heads your way!  

6. Beach-ed Curls

You don’t have to do anything for this look – just go to the beach! This iconic look comes naturally with exposure to brine and the sun. To achieve natural curly short hairstyles otherwise, wash your hair with conditioner and allow it to dry naturally, and secure the final look with hairspray. Use brushes sparingly as they might spoil the curls.

7. Afro Curls

Embrace the iconic boss in you with the ultimate sass style of super curly hairstyles and beautiful curly hairstyles!! Nothing defines the nouveau woman more than a sexy afro. Own the road and the ramp as you sport a cool afro. Contrary to popular belief, afros aren’t that hard to maintain. Use conditioner and hairspray, and you’re good to go. Just make sure the area you’re going to isn’t polluted, as it might damage your hair.

8. Chignon Bob

Sass up a simple chignon updo with some strategically placed curls. Knot your hair and secure with bobby pins into a low bun of a chignon, and let some curls loose for a classy, laid back look. This works everywhere, from formal occasions to casual days out. Who wouldn’t want an OOTD selfie with a gorgeous chignon bob? Curly wedding hairstyles are incomplete without this classic look!

9. Natural Strings

Embrace the motto of ‘Curly hair, don’t care’ with your natural curly hairstyles. This is a great look for casual chic, with just some hairspray doing the trick. One trick you could follow occasionally is to skip the hair drier and use a towel to achieve naturally curly hair. If your bed hair is manageable, tousle your hair and use hairspray to keep the look in place. Beware of windy days!

10. Soft Medium Curls

If you’re eternally concerned about the ‘too-short/too-long’ hair debate, this look is perfect for you! An ideal length for this would be a little below the neck, on the back. This works best for women with naturally wavy hair, to take it one step further. Curl your hair and let the soft curls fall on your back for an instant fashion upgrade with easy hairstyles for curly hair!  

11. Soft Long Curls

I’m a queen crowned in my curls 🙋🏼👑 Lucious locks styled by Oscar 💋

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If you’re anything like me, you’re all about the motto ‘No length is too long’! Embrace your long Rapunzel locks and give it some extra fairy bling with soft curls! Beware the wind, or use a hair tie to secure your long locks for outdoorsy days. Turn heads your way with your beautiful locks and natural curly hairstyles for long hair!  

12. Soft Pink Curls

Every girl needs some pink in her life, and we can’t agree more! Dye your hair pink for an instant updo, and be the star of the show! This color works for all hair shades and looks utterly gorgeous. There are many variants to choose from, including pale dusty pink, hot pink and every other shade in between. Try very short curly hairstyles and short hairstyles curly hair with pink!

13. Retro Curls

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Channel your ‘Grease’ vibes with some major retro shade and short hairstyles for thick curly hair! Go back to the twentieth century with retro curls. Styles to try out include iconic Monroe curls and bobs with curled sides. Who can resist suave Retro chic? We know we can’t!

14. Side Braided Curls

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Take your curls up a notch with some side braids! Take strands of hair and braid them to one side of the head, after checking in the mirror as to which side would suit you more. Usually, right handed women’s left side looks better and vice versa. Secure the braid with some pins and clips, and you’re all set for a great day out with short hairstyles for curly hair.

15. Afro Bob

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Combine the rocking vibes of an afro with the versatility of a bob for the ultimate look of natural curly short haircuts! This is easy to maintain as it isn’t that long, and it grabs attention and makes you stand out of the crowd. It is versatile as you can style it into a pony or a bun when you’re having a bad hair day. But wait. When it is an afro, every day is a good hair day!

16. Curled Top Bun

This is a savior for curly haired women, as this style makes sure that hair doesn’t fall on your face and disturb you as you work. Gather your curls into a bun at the top of your head and secure with hair ties or pins. Use hairspray to keep the bun in place. We love the added volume it gives and the strong vibes it sends off.

17. Prominent Curls

Let the curls stand out and grab attention away from facial features with prominent curls and easy hairstyles for curly hair. Use a broad curling iron or rolls to get this look. This works best for women with large noses or small eyes, as it takes attention away from your face. Prominent curls take away years with them and make you look young and beautiful with hair curl style and women hairstyles.

18. Long Maroon Curls

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You can never go wrong with some gorgeous dark red hair! This look is the perfect combination of elegance and chic bohemian vibes as you set out for the night with cool hairstyles for curly hair and trendy hairstyles for curly hair. It also photographs really well – an added bonus! Redheads can darken the shade and women with other hair colors can get their hair colored the perfect shade of maroon.

19. Dual Tone Ringlets

Everyone wants some spice to life, and we love the way this babe has carried it out with hairstyles for super curly hair! Dual tonal hairstyles are in vogue this year as summer hairstyles for curly hair, with many girls trying a milk/white chocolate look to woo hearts and turn heads. And we don’t blame them! A tonal style instantly turns drab hair to fab, and when you add ringlets to the hair, it becomes picture perfect!

20. Beach-ed Bob

Another variation of the beach hair is to try it with short hair as very short haircuts for curly hair. Dry wet, conditioned hair with a towel to achieve this look effortlessly. This works great with work outfits and simple days out. Accessorize with clips and bands for extra bling!

21. Ombre Curls

Everyone knows that ombre is here to stay! Sass up your ombre look with some curls and take your hairstyle to the next level with hairstyles for people with curly hair! Curly ombre hairstyles add color to your look and are accessories by themselves. Ask your hairstyle for the perfect shades today and ombre it up with summer hairstyles for curly hair!

22. Waterfall Curls

If you have some time on your hands or you need to get ready for a formal event, this style is for you! Gather strands from the crown of your head to form a flowing waterfall braid and let the hair fall out into soft ringlets with short hairstyles curly and ladies hairstyles. This is a perfect look for prom or brides.

23. Kinky Curls

Kink it up with these curls to grab some eyeballs and then some! To get this style right with natural heatless curls, use hairspray to keep your hair in place. Such hairstyles for curly short hair also work as long hair curly styles and styles for long curly hair.

24. Rainbow Soft Curls

You can never have enough rainbows in life! Stay true to colors and get the entire rainbow on your hair! This option works well for women with light hair as it easier to color as hairstyles for fine hair. Let your hair do the talking with shades of pop as you even stand up for a cause you believe in with medium hairstyles for women. Rainbow love FTW!

25. Gathered Medium Curls

This hairstyle is great for medium length hair with soft curls. Gathering the hair gives it more volume and density, and gives it shape. This is good for formal and semi-formal events or outdoor days where there might be wind, dust, and pollution which might damage hair. This is a savior for bad hair days as hairstyles for women over 50 and short hairstyles for ladies with curly hair too.

26. Bangs with Curls

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Combine two iconic styles in one with bangs and curls! Bangs helps hide a wide forehead and bring attention to large eyes, while curls frame your face and give your persona a new identity. When you combine the two, it is an instant success! Go for side swept bangs or straight bangs depending on your hairline as short hairstyles for curly frizzy hair or long naturally curly hairstyles.

27. Box Braids

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Get your hood action right with box braids, babe! This style takes time initially but is super amazing to pull off, and easy to maintain as hair style curls! Gather strands of hair and braid them, securing the end with cornrows or small clips. Show off your scalp and stand out with unique hairstyles for black women. We love!

28. Side Braids with Curls

Combine braids and curls with chic hairstyles for long naturally curly hair or short hair curls. Take long strands of hair and braid them to the side, securing them with pins. Let the rest of the hair hang into soft, defined curls and ringlets. Girls with thick hair can try this as it gives a way to show off all that volume without making your head look big.  

29. Soft Curly Bob

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Combine the cute bob with elegant curls as you rock soft curly bobs with short haircuts for thick curly hair! This is a natural style which never goes out of vogue, and is super easy to sport as curls for short hair are always popular. Let your curly hair hang to the side of your head as you step out for the day, timeless and fashionable with hairstyles for natural curly short hair.

30. Curly Updo

This style works wonders for women with medium or long hair as it secures your curls in a regal updo with short curls and short haircuts for curly thick hair. Beat the summer heat without cutting your hair – put it in an updo! This go-to style for bad hair days is a real life-saver, and it looks super chic as well!

31. Braid Pattern with Curls

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If you think normal braids are too mainstream, chic it up with patterned braids and different curly hairstyles! This variation of the box braids combined with thick curls is a dream come true, to realize your ghetto and chic fantasies at once with different style of curly hair! This is a great back to school hairstyle that you can sport with finesse.

32. Short Ringlets

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Go back to Victorian fantasy with short curly hairdos to frame your face. Use a trusty curler to work your hair into defined ringlets that gather around your face and make you look fresh and young with different hairstyles for curly hair. Pair this hairstyle with gowns and dresses and even a regal hat with short natural curly hairstyles!

33. Medium Ringlets

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Bring a modern twist to Victorian ringlets as you increase the length of your hair, framing your face with cute hairstyles for curly hair. An added bonus of medium ringlets is that it brings attention to the top of the body, thereby reducing the attention to the bottom part. This hairstyle works well for bottom-heavy women, with pear shaped bodies.

34. Long Ringlets

Let down those Rapunzel locks in long ringlets and steal hearts with haircuts for curly long hair! Long hair is complete if not piled in glorious soft ringlets with long curly haircuts. This might seem like a drag to fashion out as it needs time and patience, but the results are definitely worth it with haircuts for long curly hair! Find out today, Jasmine!

35. Milkmaid Braid Variation

Customize the classy European milkmaid braid to suit your style with short h
airdos for curly hair
! The OG milkmaid braid involves braiding two separate sections of hair and twisting them on the side of the head, but you can even bring about a Princess Leia-esque twist and change the position. Experiment away, ladies!

36. Red Curls

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Channel your inner Irish maid with blood red curls! Walk out of a Game of Thrones episode and own those red locks and curly hair cut style! Red brings out the shade of your skin and best haircuts for curly hair are luscious and sexy on a woman. What are you waiting for? Red hair days are a must have for every woman.

37. Bob Curls

Emulate Queen Swift in your life with gorgeous bob curls! Give off ‘Short hair, don’t care’ vibes as you go about throwing glam all around with short cuts for curly hair. This style works perfectly on lithe women who are tall and lean, with long faces. Avoid such short curly cuts if you have a round face.

38. Curls with Side Bangs

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Women with oval and diamond shaped faces can go for curls with side bangs and other hair cut for curly hair, to get a well-balanced face. Curls from the neck down look beautiful and elegant, fit for a trophy wife. This style is ageless and can be sported by women of any age with grace on how to style curly hair.

39. Halo Braid Curls

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Let the world know that you’re an angel descended from heaven above with beautiful halo braids that let down into soft curly cuts as short cuts for curly hair. If your hair is long enough, use one side braid to frame your hair, or use multiple braids to create an inception braid that goes around your head.

40. Crown Curls

Chin up, princess! Who needs other crowns when your hair can give you a permanent crown with best haircuts for curly hair? Braid your hair into a crown that sits on top of your head and own the world like you’re the queen! Use glitter and stickers to sass up your crown as you rock this style with haircuts for naturally curly hair.

41. Dreadlocks

Every girl goes through a hippie phase in life. When it’s time for yours, rock the phase with style with sassy dreadlocks! These are deceptively easy to maintain when you take care of them the right way. Use gel or hairspray to keep the stands in place, and remember to wash your hair after cutting curly hair dreadlocks!

42. Bandanas with Curly Hair

If you feel that your hair is too frizzy for your liking, bandanas are your best buds! Use colorful scarves and bandanas to secure your hair with long curly hairstyles or short haircuts for curly hair women. These are multi purpose, as they work as hair ties and bands too. An added bonus of using scarves is that they become a great part of your outfit with hair cut for curly hair!

43. Long Black Curls

Black hair is very versatile as it pulls off any style well, from medium curly hairstyles to long curly hair. Show off the sheen and shine of long black hair as you curl it with finesse with hairstyles for curly hair women. Both soft and defined curls work well with dark hair. Highlight the shade with mahogany or burgundy too.

44. Low Bun

Curly hair sits well as a low bun, which is easier to pull off than a chignon as short curly haircuts for women. Gather your hair into a pony and tuck it in at the nape of your neck, securing it with pins while styling curly hair. You can experiment with a hair doughnut as well, or even use a sock doughnut to do styles for curly hair.

45. Ombre Side Braid

We simply cannot get enough of the ombre sensation that’s gripping the nation! Ombre not only looks good when left loose, it braids very well as hairstyles for curly long hair or curly hairstyles for medium hair. Take the tonal hair and braid it, for a dual braid that looks effortlessly classy. The side braid can be left free or incorporated into a more complicated design.

46. Braided Bun

What’s classier than braids and buns? The combination of both! Braid your hair into sections and stack them at the base of the neck to form a bun which looks super elegant and classy as hairstyles for long curly hair. This style is easier than a chignon because the strays and fly-aways are minimal in such short hairstyles for women with curly hair.

47. Lavender Soft Curls

Lavender is a pleasing color which soothes the eye. Add some Zen to your hair and color it lavender for short haircuts for women with curly hair! This shade is very popular and unique at the same time, which is why it remains a great favorite. Women with light hair can go for completely lavender hair, while women with dark hair can have highlights for short curly hair style.

48. Simple Soft Blonde Curls

The classic, vanilla hairstyle that never goes out of style is the simple soft blonde curls for short curly hairstyles for women! This was super popular in the last century and remains so even today, as it looks effortlessly elegant and regal as curly long hairstyles. Sport this style with finesse to every occasion with short curly styles!

49. Close Curls

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Close curls make you look young and beautiful as hairstyles for medium curly hair. They also add volume to thin hair as they fan out and frame the visage. Use curlers and sleep with them to achieve day-long close curls which you can sport with grace and elegance as women’s curly hairstyles for curly hair.

50. Combination Hair

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What’s better than waves and curls? A combination of both! This works well for soft, silky hair. Use a wide curler to create soft waves on the top and mid sections of your hair, and use a thin curler to create ringlets at the bottom of the hair for the best of both worlds with best hairstyles for short curly hair!

51. Side Part Bob

This bob works perfectly with curly haircuts, as it contours your face and is super easy to maintain. A side part bob hides a large forehead and adds 60’s glam to your outfit. Remember to keep switching the partition side so that you don’t lose hair on the parted side with haircuts for people with curly hair!

52. Blue Curls with Embellishments

This style takes some panache to pull off! Channel biker babe vibes with blue hair and undercuts! We’re in love with the effortless curls and the Mohawk style, which looks perfectly in sync with the undercut with curly hair haircuts. Innovate and even carve out messages on the undercut!

53. Ringlets with Two Side Braids

When one side braid isn’t enough, you add one more! The world needs more side braids, ladies. Rev up those ringlets with two side braids. This style is useful as it secures the hair and prevents flyaways from the side with haircuts for curly hair. What are you waiting for? Get your braiding skills ready!

54. Chignon Buns

The classic chignon bun is timeless and elegant. This beautiful French updo is not complicated – divide your hair into sections and tuck away all loose ends to perfect the chignon bun! Add a tiara or a fancy clip to finish the look and own the night with curly hair updos and modern haircuts for curly hair!

55. Double Braided Waves

One braid is never enough! Section one part of your hair into two strands and braid away, securing the ends with bands and teasing the rest of your hair into easy, natural curls with naturally curly haircuts. This means that your hair is curly and wavy at the same time – we love!

56. Highlighted Soft Waves

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Waves are curls, almost. There is no better way to make your waves look like curls than to highlight and play with the light on them. Highlight your hair with complementary colors in strategic places to make your hair look gorgeously curly with the best hairstyles for naturally curly hair. We recommend light shades for dark hair and vice versa.

57. Knotted Curls

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Knotted styles are less complicated than braided styles, so even the non-nifty ones can attempt hairstyles for thin hair with good results! Twist alternate strands of hair and secure them on the nape of the neck, and add embellishments as you tousle your curls for simple glam with the best hairstyles for curly hair.

58. Men’s Afro

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Channel some major hood vibes with a bold afro! Dark hair looks perfect when styled into an afro. Accessorize with a sassy pair of shades, a funky tee and some bracelets to complete the laid back look. Bask in all the attention from hairstyles for thick hair!

59. Men’s Soft Curls

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Be as irresistible as chocolate with soft natural curls and men’s curly hairstyles. Use ample conditioner to soften up your hair, or invest in DIY hair masks to soften your hair. Soft curls on men look irresistible and hot with natural curly hair hairstyles. Try it out for yourself today!

60. Men’s Dreadlocks

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Take your hair to the next level of badassery with dreadlocks! Secure your long curly hair into dreadlocks with gel or hairspray. Combined with a bread, this takes the 80’s vibe to the next step! This look works equally well with formal suits and tees. Boho your life up!

And there you have it! The best hairstyles for curly hair! From the best short haircuts for curly hair to long hairstyles, join in the sensation of the curly hair and let your curls live!  

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60 Unique Curly Hairstyles

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