Health benefits to vaginoplasty

What is Vaginoplasty:

Vaginoplasty is known as a popular surgical procedure in which the walls of the vagina and the opening of the vagina are tightened for the addition of firmness and tone to the body. Various women experience a natural loss in tightening and toning of the vagina due to the age factor, childbirth, hormonal changes, or due to the very possible defects of birth. As an option of reconstructive surgery, vaginoplasty which is also known as vaginal rejuvenation has been gaining popularity in recent years. With the weakened muscles of the vagina, there is a feeling of physical discomfort, emotional insecurity, displeasure and even the pain which is felt during the intercourse and also a feeling of femininity loss. For the millions and trillions of women who undergo vaginoplasty procedures are benefitted from vaginoplasty surgery which makes your vagina aesthetically appealing.

If you are suffering from a saggy or loose vagina which has lost its laxity, then you must undergo vaginoplasty surgery immediately. Vagina which has lost its laxity can cause a lot of problems to women, like they as well as their partner cannot enjoy their sexual life, a woman may feel the loss of libido, and loses her self-confidence and also suffers from pain due to weakened muscles.

Some of the advantages and health benefits that can be achieved through vaginoplasty include the following:

  • Enhanced sexual Pleasure:

    Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation is a type of cosmetic procedure that helps tighten the walls of the vagina and improves its laxity. With this procedure both the female and male partner – will get benefit from the increased sexual stimulation like before and as such experience greater sexual gratification. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery has been known to improve the sex lives of many of the patients.

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  • Aesthetically appelaing vagina:

    In some of the instances, many women find that the soft tissues of the vagina are so slack that it projects out into the labia and beyond that. This can cause them uncomfortable and make lose their self-confidence to wear their favorite clothes like tight fitting yoga pants, or a swimsuit. Vaginoplasty surgery can help remove the excess of the skin that can provide the patient with a younger and more aesthetically-pleasing vagina.

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem:

    Every woman wants to feel younger and happier, but a loose saggy and wide vagina can make them feel under-confident. When a patient feels unhappy with the way that their vagina looks or feels can provide a negative impact on the confidence of an individual. Some women also find themselves avoiding their partner during love-making, which is altogether a result of feeling embarrassed regarding their intimate area. With a vagina which looks and feels younger, a patient can also enjoy her life with greater confidence, by loving their femininity and also their sexuality.

  • Reduced urinary incontinence:

    Premature urination or urinary incontinence is the most common problem that is faced by many women mostly after childbirth. After childbirth, the vaginal wall gets dilated and becomes loose due to stretched muscles while delivering a baby. This can cause urinary incontinence in women where they are unable to hold their urine for a longer period of time. It also affects many women who are older in age due to a decline in estrogen levels. However, with the help of vaginoplasty, a woman can achieve tighter muscles and firm looking vagina. Vaginoplasty can help evade away from the problem of urinary incontinence by helping a woman hold urine for longer periods, thus preventing small, and very embarrassing leaks.

  • Relief from vaginal sagging:

    Excess skin folds in the vaginal area can cause friction, pain, irritation, and discomfort while performing physical activities like exercise, sex, and riding a bicycle. Also, a lot of women face immense pain and burning sensation while making love their partner. But fortunately, vaginoplasty can help in these situations and relieve the symptoms of discomfort caused by loosening of the vagina.

Apart from all these benefits mentioned above a vaginoplasty can be savior in the life of many women who is suffering from malignant growths or abscess in the vagina, females who are suffering from congenital defects that can affect their vagina, urethra or rectum and many other reasons that affect the vaginal structure can be benefitted by vaginoplasty surgery.


Q.1. what is female rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation/ female rejuvenation is a very vast term for vaginal corrective treatments. These procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons and also help women solve their age-related problems, such as lack of vaginal tightness, urinary incontinence, and elongated labia.

Q.2. How does laser rejuvenation work?

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is one of the most advanced and effective treatment procedure opted nowadays. It is an outpatient procedure which takes just one-hour and is designed to enhance the sexual gratification. In vaginal childbirth, when a baby exits, the muscles, ligaments, and fascia within the canal of birth may weaken. Laser vaginal rejuvenation enhances the vaginal muscle tones and its appearance.