If there’s anything that 2020 has proven to us, it’s that fashion doesn’t and will never stop.

So while you’re preparing your wardrobe for the new season, you can’t let your accessories down. The runways on the last fashion month are a testament that your outfit is only as good as your taste in blings and of course, your earrings are definitely on the top of that list. 

As new things become either a fad or trend, you have to know the major earring trends this 2020 if you’re going to invest in some high fashion earrings to add in your arsenal. From all the classic, timeless pieces to the new, crazy, and contemporary ones, here are the top eight high fashion earrings designs that will definitely make you look runway-ready.

1. The Classic Hoop Drama

There’s a reason why the centuries-old hoop earrings are still dominating the earring trend. It’s all about the drama, the statement, and the boldness of having a pair of hoop earrings as a finish for your outfit.

For 2020, supersized hoop earrings seem to be dominating the high fashion scene. It can either go from chunky, sculpted hoops, or to the thinnest but largest pair. Pair it with a little black dress or your power suit for work — this classic, timeless piece can go with anything.

2. All About the Animals


We love a great balance between edgy and whimsical, so what better way to express it than a pair of earrings with an animal motif?

It’s a great way to show your personality, whether it’s a cute panda or a giant scorpion with a shiny stinger. Having an animal motif on your earrings matches any kind of event too. Some shellfish and ocean creatures are perfect for your next beach getaway or a silver snake earring cuff to complete a girl’s night out OOTD.

Go subtle or bold, it’ll always be a great touch to your outfit. Plus, they’re a nice adult upgrade from our accessories when we were kids.

3. Stones on Stones

God knows that this year needs a renewed energy so we’re channeling all the right ones through our earrings.

This Spring 2020, we entered a wave of bright and bold colors so it’s only right for our accessories to match it. It seems that the high fashion industry particularly likes playing with a mix and match of colorful stones to accentuate their outfits. They’re not afraid to go crazy on it too.

So to bring cheer and fun to your look, don’t be afraid to play with your earring design. Go for colorful stones with different hues, shapes, and sizes. There’s no pressure to make everything equal too! You can go with a simple stud for a classy, toned-down look or make a huge statement by playing with the proportions of your earrings. 

4. A Pair of…Random Objects

Yup, you’ve heard about this one and this ludicrous trend is here to stay.

It might weird you out to have a handcuff or a safety pin for earrings but having a random, everyday object as an accessory piece definitely brings out the unexpected je ne sais quoi to your outfit. 

Plus, it’s such a statement piece that will definitely be the center of attention. It’s unusual but you can’t deny that this trend is on to something. We all have that inner edge on our fashion sense that wishes to pull off the most ridiculous thing and rock it.

5. Dangly Chains

Speaking of rock, there’s another way to bring the punk out of every OOTD that you plan. 

With the rise of silver jewelry back on track, we’ve been seeing chain jewelry becoming more and more of a staple on both everyday accessory occasions and runways. When it comes to earrings, it’s definitely not an exemption.

Whether it’s an accompaniment to a dangly earring charm or just straight up chunky, dangly chains, this kind of earring design can be dainty or edgy depending on how you style it. It’s the kind of flexible piece that you definitely should have in your earring collection! So do go to the wholesale earrings boutiques during your spare time to check this earring style and purchase some preferred ones to catch the latest trend.

6. Solo Earring

We’ve already heard about mismatched earrings where one ear has this overly crazy earring while the other has a more subtle piece but on this one, we’re only keeping the drama into our outfit.

Solo earring is literally what it is so if you’re aiming to make a statement, this will drive it home. One tip though, you have to make sure that the single earring you’re wearing doesn’t have subtlety in its core or you’ll risk looking like your other earring fell off somewhere. 

The trick is to embrace its grandiosity! Go for an incredibly supersized hoop or a chunky dangling earring that touches your collarbone. 

7. Pearls But Reinvented

This year, fashion is bringing something new to the classic pearl earring. They’re no longer studs that the aunties are wearing but they’ve transformed into something new, quirky, and fun.

As you might’ve noticed already, 2020 fashion in the wholesale jewelry world is all about throwing old rules out of the window. So grab yourself the quirkiest pair of pearl earrings that you can possibly find. While we used to fawn all over magnificent symmetrical pearls, we now embrace its nature-ness. Mismatched pearl earrings anyone?

8. Striking Colors 

Dare we repeat this one? 2020 is all about the colors!

We’re talking about bold, saturated earpieces that will definitely make any outfit pop. It’s a great way to put your focus to your colorful earrings through an all-black ensemble or perfectly mirror the colors on your outfit. 

There’s no rule on this one. Try as many colors of high fashion earrings as you want. Why not get an earring that showcases Pantone’s Color of the Year? 

Not everyone thinks about their jewelry as part of their outfit planning but having the right pieces will definitely make or break your outfit. When it comes to your earpieces, there is so much potential this single accessory holds. So dare to be bold with it and ultimately, don’t be afraid to show your personality!