wearing heels every day

Why Wearing Heels Every Day Is Bad For You

I still remember the days I used to fantasize about wearing heels every day and roaming about the city. While I listened to the clicking of heels against the ground I used to fantasize about being ‘in fashion’ and of course the fact that it would make me look taller. But, back then I never wondered the consequences that we would have to face by wearing heels every day.

Yes, wearing them once in a while is perfect, but wearing them on a daily basis will eventually show its effects on your body, for the worse.

Effects Of Wearing Heels On A Daily Basis

1. Nerve-Wrecking Damage


Our feet are designed in such a way that if there is any shock that could affect our system they absorb it first, minimizing its impact on the rest of the body. But, when heels are worn, it causes our feet to crumple inside them, putting pressure on them. This extra pressure could cause problems on our nerves in the future.

2. You ‘Knee-d’ a Break From Those Heels


Similarly, heels put a lot of pressure on the knees, which are again shock absorbents. The pressure exerted on the knees by wearing heels every day could lead to osteoarthritis.

3. Spiders Crawling Up Your Legs


Heels can cause your ankles to bend forward, which reduces circulation in the lower limbs and could also sometimes cause spider veins.

4. Bunched Calves


Heels could also result in bunching up of the calves and over time you find it difficult to walk around in flats and barefoot as a result of excessive use of heels.

5. Hips Don’t Lie


When wearing heels, you are forced to push your chest forward and your hips backward; this would surely make you look appealing, but at the same time it would work up the nerves in your hips overtime, causing complications.

6. Posture – Perfect


Lower back pain the most commonly observed side effect of wearing heels daily or on a regular basis even since wearing heels would mean uneven distribution of body weight. This is results in you trying to maintain a posture that would not normally be maintained if flats are worn; putting more pressure on the back.

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Celebrities Who Experienced The Ill Effects of Heels

Much like us, there are many celebrities who’ve been victims to the various effects of wearing heels every day. Here are a few examples

1. Painful Trauma


Julianne Moore, Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow share a common problem of not being able to fit their piggies into their high heels, leaving them out dangling in the air, while bearing that pain.

2. Bunions/ Knobby Toes


Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham have bunions/ knobby toes

3. Spidey-Veins


Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston have veins-that-pop-out feet, a very obvious and evident reason of wearing heels every day; causing the veins to pop up clear and large while wearing heels.

4. Bunched and Swollen


Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have suffered from almost the same problem, scraggly (bunched up) toes in the case of the first two, and fat feet in the latter’s case; not being able to fit in their feet properly in their heels being the common reason. And as a result, not being able to walk well.