There has been a lot of research into the effect of weighted blankets for people who suffer from anxiety. What are weighted blankets, and how do they help? A weighted blanket is a bit like a duvet in that has an outer layer with filling within. However, the filling in this case comes in the form of small pellets, or discs, made from plastic, glass or one of a number of other materials. These provide the weight. 

The pellets are stitched into small squares across the blanket, so that they do not move about and provide an even spread of weight throughout. A weighted blanket can weight anywhere from a few pounds to perhaps 30 pounds – it is standard practice to use one that weighs 10% of your body weight plus a pound or two – but what does it do? Let’s talk a little more about who a weighted blanket can help, and how it does so.

Deep Pressure Stimulation

The effect of a weighted blanket is due to it replicating a proven form of therapy known as Deep Pressure Stimulation or DPS (you may also hear of it referred to as Deep Pressure Touch or similar). This is a calming therapy that is applied usually manually – by the hands – as light pressure, and is used to comfort patients who suffer from, among other things, anxiety problems. How does the blanket do this?

Imagine a cold winter night, and you are nicely wrapped up in your winter blankets, all warm and cosy while outside it’s freezing. That feeling is one of comfort, brought about by the weight and warmth of the blankets that form a cocoon around you. A weighted blanket provides the same feeling, as the weight – not too heavy but noticeable – presses down evenly across your body. This is what a DPS therapy session will do, hence the similar results.

Anxiety is a common problem with people who find it hard to sleep. Thus, a weighted blanket can alleviate that anxiety – or stress, if you are suffering – and relax you, so you sleep better and wake up feeling healthier and ready for the day. This is also why weighted blankets are good for sufferers of ADHD and autism, as they provide an effective form of grounding for the individual concerned, and give them a sense of natural security.

Where to Buy Weighted Blankets

There are many suppliers of weighted blankets including Truhugs who offer a good selection of sensibly priced, quality examples, and you should be looking carefully at the weight and size of the blanket you want to buy. Be careful not to get one that is too heavy or too light, and use websites such as that mentioned for advice.

A weighted blanket may be the best item you buy if you suffer from sleep problems, anxiety or stress-related health problems, as these are inexpensive, usable and practical items. If you think you or someone in the family could benefit from a weighted blanket, check them out now in more detail.