Having flawless skin is a goal we all shoot for, and there are many products that claim to help with just that. But, there is one tool that is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to helping you have great facial skin, I’m talking about GloPRO® FACE MicroTip™ 3rd Amazon, Sephora has, and is the perfect weapon against breakouts and other skin problems you might have on your face. This powerful tool helps trigger your skin’s means of rejuvenation and will work wonders on the clearness, and elasticity of your facial skin. We’ll go over the facts today in the following article titled What does a micro-needling tool do?

Probably the first question many people would have would be, is this painful? Absolutely not, the needles are designed with a specific shape, length, and width that makes them completely painless. If more people knew this, there would be a surge in popularity with these micro-needling tools, that’s because they work so well that the results speak for themselves. Not only are these micro-needling tools not painful, but they also have a gentle buzzing, vibrating feeling that is totally addictive. It’s almost like it’s my therapy time when I use my microneedling device, and I get great skin to boot, it’s such a cool little tool. Once you realize how tiny they are, the word needle isn’t so scary.

The results are skin that is bouncy, vibrant, tight, and smooth. It works by tightening your pores, and this gives your skin the same texture you had as a teenager, and sometimes you will suddenly have the best skin of your life. Using a microneedling tool smooths away many of the wrinkles, fine lines, and crows feet that can make us look older. Once you have smoothed out these lines and blemishes, you will find your face looking and feeling like you did in your youth. Another cool feature of the microneedling tool is that it helps your skin absorb any topical treatments you might normally use. So, it enhances that expensive night cream we all love to use and really enhances their power to the fullest extent.

Here’s how you use a derma roller microneedling tool: Simply wash your face, apply a toner for the last cleanse, slather your favorite serum everywhere on your skin, then gently roll the device over your face, covering all areas evenly. Follow up with a second layer of serum so moisturizer. Seeing a dermatologist for a derma rolling session is often pricey, but luckily this tool is readily available and makes it easy for you to try and do a DIY session of derma rolling at home. It is so easy, and the results are great that the only problem is doing the sessions can be somewhat addictive. The gentle buzzing on your face feels good, and the way your skin feels afterward makes using a derma roller microneedling tool an absolute delight.

A derma-roller contains many tiny needles. When in use, these needles create micro-injuries on the skin, which successively sends collagen and elastin production into overdrive to compensate because it heals. It’s really a remarkable piece of modern machinery, and it truly does wonders for your skin. Don’t forget to use your favorite cream after you do your at-home dermaroller session, your open pores will receive the benefits in a much more thorough way after your microneedling. Once only available at very expensive spas and health retreats, these fabulous tools are now much easier for the ordinary person to get. You can find these amazing dermaroller microneedling tools online, or at your local high-end specialty beauty shop.