World Vegan Day 2016

World Vegan Day 2016

Today we celebrate World Vegan Day 2016, and all jokes and memes aside, you guys are a real example of what’s good in the world! And Oh Boy! Do we have some really great news for all the Vegans out there!

If it was the 90’s and you were a vegan, travelling far and wide would have been a cumbersome choice as you would have to travel with your own food. Not only do you miss out a chance to taste the local cuisine, you are also burdened with having to fix a meal for yourself making your vacation quite redundant.

But wait, this is 2016 and being a vegan comes with add-ons so spectacular that you will be amazed at all the food choices you have all over the world. Exclusive vegan restaurants and eateries are open in almost all cities in the world, but there are some cities who have inherently accepted veganism as part of their food culture.

On this World Vegan Day 2016, we take you to a vegan trip around the world where we will visit 10 cities that are vegan havens!

Vegan Cities

1. Berlin, Germany

World Vegan Day 2016

Berlin is taking the front stage by turning out to be vegan capital of the world. It has more than 50 dining out options that are completely vegan and more than 250 restaurants boast of having vegan food options on their menu.

2. Portland, Oregon

World Vegan Day 2016

Just behind Berlin, by only a tiny margin, Portland is a paradise for vegans. One in every six restaurants in Portland is vegan. This list includes specialty places like a mini mall, a doughnut place, a summer camp and a cheese store. This city is also proud of housing a vegan strip club!

3. Taipei, Taiwan

World Vegan Day 2016

Since a large portion of Taipei’s population is Buddhist, it offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan food choices to the people. If you are visiting the city, keep a lookout for the reverse Swastika symbol on the signboards which says that the eatery serves Buddhist and Taoist food.

4. Chennai, India

World Vegan Day 2016

They call Chennai the birthplace of vegetarianism and rightly so. Nearly all authentic food preparations in Chennai are done with rice, legumes, vegetables and coconut milk. Since more than half the population of the city are pure vegetarians, finding quite a few vegan food options is not a difficult task.

5. New York City, New York

World Vegan Day 2016

New York has the most eclectic mix of people and so are the food choices it offers. There is indeed something for everyone in the city. The city also has a lot to offer to a vegan other than food, like cruelty-free clothing, shoes and accessories.

6. Tokyo, Japan

World Vegan Day 2016

Tokyo has the most number of purely-vegan restaurants in the world. Macrobiotic foods, a culinary favorite among the vegans in the world is actually native to Japan and was developed indigenous before it became famous.

7. San Francisco, California

World Vegan Day 2016

The city of San Francisco boasts of dozens of small vegan cafes and eat-outs along with high-end restaurants. The city is also interestingly one of the firsts to adopt the ‘Meatless Monday’ philosophy.

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8. Vancouver, Canada

World Vegan Day 2016

One in 10 Canadians is a self-proclaimed vegan followers and that is why there is no dearth of vegan restaurants in the city. Seasonal menus are created with fruits and legumes to satiate the food needs of a vegan while giving them a taste of the local food.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

World Vegan Day 2016

There is a Dominos in Tel Aviv that has a Vegan Pizza on its menu. One in 20 residents of the city is a vegan and that makes it a vegan paradise. Falafels and Vegan Shawarmas can be found in the city aplenty.

10. Warsaw, Poland

World Vegan Day 2016

Till only a few years ago, the only vegan food options in Warsaw would have been peanuts and potatoes. But currently, Warsaw boasts of a large variety of organic and vegan food places that offer delectable dishes. These meals would even change the mind of an ardent meat eater!

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Apart from these cities, there are popular vacation destinations like Singapore, Bangkok, London, Toronto and Mumbai that offer a plethora of vegan, organic and cruelty-free options for the visitor. So take a holiday in celebration of World Vegan Day 2016 and visit one of these beautiful places to know first-hand what being Vegan is all about! Do not miss out on a bit of this research before you set out to plan your next holiday!

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